Guided interactive therapeutic VR experiences promoting wellbeing and mental performance. Developed utilizing decades of cognitive and neuroscience research.


Improve your well-being, mental focus, memory and motivation. Reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and low self esteem.


250+ Custom Experiences. Meditainment VR monitors brain activity and biofeedback to learn which techniques work best for each individual.

What is Meditainment VR

Meditainment VR offers fully interactive therapeutic VR experiences, revolutionizing mindfulness and wellbeing in the modern age. Utilizing decades of research in neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology we leverage scientifically verified technologies unused by the competition in the market.

Interactive Guided Sessions

Immersive guided meditation sessions allow users to therapeutically interact with mindfulness sessions like never before. Interactive with virtual worlds built around visual and audio guided imagery synergy.

Therapeutic Experiences

Explore 1000+ combinations of immersive VR animated and real world virtual environments . Select a VR environment and therapeutic audio track for wide range of benefits and symptom relief.

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Revolutionary Health Solutions

  • Revolutionary meditation techniques with interactive therapeutic VR experiences.
  • Promotes wellbeing and mental performance, while reducing stress and anxiety.
  • An easy method to break free from dysfunctional patterns and take control of your life.
  • Recent studies show proof that VR provides 2 x the pain reduction of morphine.

Features & Benefits

Immersive Therapeutic Experiences

Interactive Guided Meditation

Mind & Body Practices

Biofeedback Driven Results

Safe Brainwave Entrainment

Life Changing Positive Effects

Inner Strength

Build self confidence and positive changes in your life


Relax and avoid stress on a beautiful hot air balloon ride

Pain Reduction

Take an outer space journey far away from your pain

Improve Depression

Develop inner happiness in an interactive therapeutic world

Release and Let Go

Let go of stress, anger and worries

Interactive Guided Sessions

  • Step into interactive therapeutic virtual worlds with voice overs synchronized to the symbolism and imagery of the scenes.
  • Interact with the virtual world using clinical therapy techniques
  • Personalized experiences based on users voice recognition and gestures
  • Out of this world experiences designed around streamlining wellness

Therapeutic Experiences

  • Jump into fully immersive experiences and travel around the world during sessions designed to improve wellness
  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, motivation, focus, memory, self worth and mental health.
  • 500+ mix and match choices of VR experiences organized by their beneficial effects
  • Bring a wide range of quick symptom relief sessions where ever you go as a mental health safety net.

14 Day Free Trial

Android Mobile Devices

Apple iOS Mobile Devices

Oculus VR

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14 Day Free Trial

Try the platform at no risk for 14 days, then select between the premium subscription or free-forever lite version.




Mobile Pro

Full access using Mobile smartphone gyroscope viewing. Includes monthly updates of therapeutic content, scenes and experiences.




VR Platinum

Full access to VR and Mobile Pro. Includes monthly updates of therapeutic content, scenes and experiences.




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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to advancing the Meditainment VR platform to redefine and revolutionize the wellness space.